Conservation Cup 2018 schedule

Conservation Cup 2018

The Conservation Cup is the premier fundraiser for the Forest Preserve Foundation. All net proceeds of the event help us support the Forest Preserves of Cook County’s mission and the programs that make these natural habitats a healthy and safe environment. Sponsors help make the Forest Preserves of Cook County a more wonderful place to explore, play and learn.

Oscar Johnson and Claire Williams, Conservation Cup co-chairs


Conservation Cup Host Committee

Oscar Johnson (co-chair)        

Claire Williams (co-chair)

Jim Beck

Julie Conenna

Jason DeVore

Jeffrey Druckman

Justin Erkfritz-Gay


Jessie Hodge

Mark Lester

Tom Livingston

Dawn Milhouse

Bill Rehanek

Anngie Richter

Carleen Schreder

Chris Trimbach

Brian Umbright

Ewa Weir

Jered Wieland

Michael Witte

Forest Preserve Foundation staff

Shelley Davis, Executive Director and President

Clarmarie Keenan, Development Manager


Conservation Cup Event Support

Jennifer Friedrich

Fern Bogot

Forest Preserve District of Cook County staff

Jean Sheerin,Deputy Director of Permits, Rentals, and Concessions

2018 Sponsorship Levels

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